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 Research and Exchange of Ideas

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PostSubject: Re: Research and Exchange of Ideas   Research and Exchange of Ideas - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 15, 2013 10:02 am

Limes wrote:
EDiT: Forgive me, I appear to have misread what you wrote and assumed you said something that would've been smarter than what you did say.
Please, Lime. Saying things like that only makes you seem snobbish and is distasteful to read.

Limes wrote:
Firstly, I don't know which 20 or so technologies you're referring to, because we've tossed every system thus far except for the free-form one. Secondly, I feel like Technology shouldn't play quite as large a role as it did in GWV, but it still deserves attention. Thirdly, from what I can understand, the system you're criticizing is exactly the same as the one in GWIV.
What I think Toa is referring to are the spoiler tags that Siroki posted above (although that's closer to 50), or what Jasband posted on the first page (the list of 16). He's just mentioning that science should provide a larger aspect than just a direct application. However he may have simply misread what has been written, as the system allows for more than that. By being free-form, you can have technologies that have no direct large application but can lead to better technologies that have a massive impact. Sort of like how the Citadel was constructed from a lot of smaller technologies.
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Research and Exchange of Ideas - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Research and Exchange of Ideas   Research and Exchange of Ideas - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 18, 2013 6:09 pm

I have come to realize I like the idea of free form researching with concepts being needed for  application. It isnt as complicated on the players end; the player can give us and end goal and we together come up with what. Anatone needs for application. If the game is pm secrecy oriented anyway, then im pretty sure we wouldnt mind talking with you to help come up with the reasonable steps.

Like, if I were to use an example of my herblawre tech, I would have to first have studied farming (for ingedient gathering) biology (for knowing the properties of the plants) and chemistry (for mixing stoof.) All of these would take time and resources, something thats not as expendable in early game, but would add more realism that it takes many years, ideas, and failures rather then come up with ideas -> make it happen

Also note that sincr farming, chemistry and biology are such broad ideas, that I can then chain them into other great applications. That could potentially help with stuff like my mahjavians and whatnot (biology for bookaoo bodily understanding, and chemistry to help with the potion used to turn.) Anatomy and mahjarrat magicks would be the othetr two or so examoles of what I need next, but at least I have two of many others, saving me a bit of time in the future.

Also, concepts should not be player exclusive like applied techs are.

On that note, I want to see that final products that are potentially imperfect or not exactly what was originally planned. Thats how research works - it takes a long ass time to get it where you want it exactly. The prime example of what I don't want happening is the process of making the citadel. While it was an amazing idea, and I get what made it happpen, I don't like how we basically put puzzle pieces together and made a floating region when we didnt have anything else otherwise. We didnt have a process of starting with basic levitation, advanced levitation, sustained levitation, floating siege, small floating fortress, large floating fortress, and floating city: Not to mention alll the geomancery that would be involved with floating a chunk of self sustaining landmasses - we had put them together and a bippity boppity and look out we have a perfectly mad, fully finctional citadel that flawlessly jolds unlimited troops.

.... uh. I dunno what they were, but those are my thoughts on the research situation
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Research and Exchange of Ideas
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